Poster reproduction "Constitution of May 3" by Jan Matejko

Poster reproduction "Constitution of May 3" by Jan Matejko

Poster reproduction by Jan Matejko "Constitution of May 3rd".

The price is for a poster without a frame.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
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Are you looking for a composition of exquisite attention to detail and timeless sublimity presented in a painting? Or maybe it is important that the work records one of the most important events in Polish history? All this is combined in the work "Constitution of 3 May" by Jan Matejko, a poster reproduction of which you can buy in our store. To enable you to admire one of this artist's greatest works every day, we offer an extremely accurate recreation of it. The mood depicted in the painting is filled with pride and joy, thanks to which the reproduction poster perfectly corresponds to both a slightly more minimalist and avant-garde style.

Constitution of May 3 Posters - A Sublime Commemoration of a Historical Document

The Constitution of May 3, adopted in 1791, is one of the most important legal acts in the history of Poland. It was an expression of the desire to modernize the country and carry out reforms, and was also the second oldest constitution in the world, after the Constitution of the United States. Every year on May 3, we celebrate a national holiday commemorating this momentous event. In this context, posters for May 3 are an excellent form of expressing patriotism and honoring Polish heritage.

Posters for May 3 are intended not only to remind about the constitution, but also to convey its meaning and values to society. On the scandiposter website, you can find a wide selection of posters inspired by the Constitution of May 3, which perfectly reflect its spirit and meaning.

Posters for May 3 - Reflection of Patriotism and History

May 3 posters , available on scandiposter, feature a variety of designs and graphic styles to provide a wide range of choices for anyone interested. Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, you can find posters that perfectly reflect the spirit of the May 3 constitution and evoke strong emotions.

Poster designs for May 3 may include classic elements, such as the stylized letters "May 3" and references to national symbols. They may also depict historical figures related to this period, such as King Stanisław August Poniatowski or Ignacy Potocki. It is important that the poster not only attracts attention, but also conveys a meaningful message related to the constitution and the values it represents.

Posters for May 3 - Unique Gift and Decoration

Posters for May 3 are a unique gift and decoration that wonderfully reflect the spirit of the Constitution of May 3. They not only offer beautiful design, but also remind us of an important moment in Poland's history. The Constitution of May 3 , adopted in 1791, was the first modern constitution in Europe and the second in the world. Posters with the motif of this momentous date are the perfect way to celebrate this historic event. Interesting graphics showing the Polish coat of arms, the image of the Constitution or symbols related to it add a unique character to this holiday. Regardless of whether we intend to give the poster to a loved one or use it as a decorative element in our home, a poster for May 3 will become a unique accent that reminds us of our proud history and the values of the May 3 Constitution.

Scandi Poster - Your source of inspiration for posters related to May 3rd

Scandi Poster - Your source of inspiration for posters related to May 3rd. If you are looking for a perfect poster that will pay tribute to the historic Constitution of May 3, it is worth paying attention to the Scandi Poster offer. This is a place where you will find unique and artistic designs that will perfectly reflect the spirit of this unique holiday. Posters for May 3 are of great importance because they remind us of the important values brought by this constitution, the first in Europe and the second in the world. Scandiposter offers a variety of designs that present both the content of the constitution itself and symbolic elements related to it. Whether you prefer minimalist, modern or classic designs, Scandiposter has something for everyone. Find the perfect poster for May 3 and emphasize your attachment to Polish history and values that are still important in our society. Posters for May 3 can be an expression of patriotism and love for the country. You can choose the design that best reflects your feelings and values.

The price is for a poster without a frame.


Due to the different sizes of posters offered, reproductions may not maintain the proportions of the artist's original work. All reproductions available in our offer are scaled appropriately to present the most important part of the image. If you want a specific part, add a comment to your order!

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