Scandi Poster is a brand open to cooperation with people who love modern design and beautiful interiors. We are pleased to cooperate with interior designers, providing them with our designs for visualization and offering attractive discounts. Are you an interior designer and would like to use our posters in your visualizations? Create a customer account in our store, write us an e-mail from your company address at and we will give you a permanent discount and make our projects available to you.

Our posters also had the pleasure of appearing in industry magazines, such as "Cztery Katy" and being part of a reportage presented on the breakfast television "Dzień Dobry TVN". We are still hungry for adventures in the mass media, so we strongly encourage magazines, magazines and television programs to cooperate with our brand.

We are also familiar with cooperation with bloggers and influencers !
If, like us, you are in love (or in love ;)) with minimalism, simple and bright interiors, feel free to write to us! You run a blog or an Instagram channel, and at the same time are renovating your house or apartment and looking for new wall decorations - we will be happy to decorate your interior!
Just remember - our posters are not products for testing. Posters cannot be tasted, rubbed, eaten or folded into origami! Thank you very much for such cooperation proposals :)

We leave an e-mail address for contact with us :