The online store operating at, respecting the right to privacy of the Store Users, has developed this document in which it presents its position on the use of cookies.

The Store uses cookies to ensure security and efficiency of using the Store. By navigating the website, the Store User consents to the Store's use of cookies. The Store Visitor can manage his/her cookie settings at any time.

Cookies used by the Store are not harmful to the User or the end device used by him, therefore, for the proper functioning of the website, it is recommended not to disable their support in browsers. If you do not give such consent, you should change your web browser settings regarding cookies accordingly. However, limiting the use of cookies by the Visitor may affect some of the functionalities available in the Store.

In many cases, the software used to browse websites (web browser) allows the storage of information in the form of "cookies" and other similar technologies on the user's end device by default. The user can change the way cookies are used by the browser at any time. To do this, you need to change your browser settings. The method of changing the settings varies depending on the software (web browser) used. You can read information about this by pressing the F1 key in your computer browser. Additionally, you will find appropriate tips on subpages, depending on the browser you are using. Detailed information on managing cookies on a mobile phone or other mobile device should be found in the user manual of the given mobile device.

What are cookies?
Cookies are text files stored on the User's device (visiting the Store). Cookies enable the Store to recognize the User's previous preferences during the next visit to the Store.

What does the Store use cookies for?
The Store uses cookies to adapt the website to Users' preferences, facilitate website navigation and ensure the security of purchases (i.e. identifying the User as logged in to the Store, remembering products added to the basket in order to place an order, remembering data from completed electronic forms).

We do not store personal data or other confidential information in cookies. We process anonymized operational data related to the use of the Online Store (IP address, domain) to generate statistics helpful in administering the Store, i.e. we use Google Analytics and Universal Analytics services provided by Google Inc. and from the Facebook Pixel service provided by Facebook Ireland Limited. By using the above services in the Store, we collect data such as the sources and medium of obtaining visitors to the Store and their behavior on the Store's website, information about the devices and browsers from which they visit the website, IP and domain, geographical data and demographic data (age, gender) and interests. In such a case, data obtained by the Administrator via the website may be transferred to third countries due to the headquarters of the entities providing the above. IT tools (e.g. United States), although personal data protection is maintained.

The store also uses cookies in marketing activities. This function allows Internet users to be presented with advertisements tailored to their interests.

For statistical and marketing purposes, the Store processes information regarding the interests and demographic data of our Users via the Google Analytics service. It is possible for a given person to easily block information about their activity on the Store's website from being made available to Google Analytics - for this purpose, you can install a browser add-on provided by Google Inc.

Available here: .

What type of cookies does the Store use?
- Session cookies - only work when browsing the Store's pages, thus enabling their proper functioning. They are also used by the server to store information about activities, in the event of a disconnection with the server, the User can return to the same place on the website.

- Persistent cookies - remain on the device after visiting the Store, which means that the Store can remember the User's settings during subsequent visits. Thanks to this, the Store becomes easier to navigate and remembers the User's preferences.

- Third-party cookies - allow the displayed website to be adjusted to the User's preferences when making a purchase.