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Why choose Scandi Poster posters?

Posters on the wall are a decoration that more and more enthusiasts of stylishly arranged interiors are choosing to hang. At Scandi Poster - the largest online poster store in Poland, you will find wall graphics inspired by Scandinavian design. Like no one else, we understand perfectly what sets it apart and strive to express it by creating unique wall posters. You can order online posters from various collections here - both in the form of minimalist black and white or pastel graphics, and posters featuring superheroes or other popular motifs.

Minimalist wall posters for every interior

Do you want the interiors of your home to stand out with a unique style? If you decide to decorate them according to trends reminiscent of the atmosphere dominating in Scandinavia, you will undoubtedly achieve that. In the Scandi Poster store, you will find original wall posters that will fit perfectly into such a space. Simple lines and subdued colors make these wall graphics an ornament that does not overwhelm but adds distinctiveness to the interior. Graphics depicting floral motifs - such as monstera plants or animals, or abstract patterns based on geometric shapes - will be an original addition to any interior. They will work perfectly as bedroom posters as well as office posters.

Reproductions of Great Painters

Discover the fascinating world of artistic masterpieces

A unique collection of posters that will transport you to the world of brilliant minds such as Matisse, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, and many others! Explore the magic of their unforgettable works, which you can now have close to you, transforming your spaces into a place of inspiration and refined beauty.

Online poster store - choose graphics according to your taste.

Posters from our store are also a way to express your style and taste. When choosing them, it's worth paying attention to their content and aesthetics, as well as whether they fit the lifestyle and room where they will be displayed. Choose posters that reflect the personality of the inhabitants. In our online store, you will find stylish posters, perfect for any room, distinguished by durability and high quality. They will be an ideal decoration for spaces. Not sure how to choose the size of the poster? To avoid overwhelming the space, it's best for the poster to occupy about one-third of the free wall space. If you plan to hang several graphics side by side, consider choosing them in different sizes to create an interesting composition. In such a case, think about combining posters in different proportions to achieve an intriguing visual effect.

How to introduce a unique character to the interior using graphic posters?

Graphic posters are currently an ideal solution for bringing originality and unique style to the interior. To achieve this, it's worth choosing a theme and style that matches the character of the interior before making the final decision. Posters, including those in our online store, can be divided into several categories, such as landscapes, plants, animals, abstractions, or motivational quotes. It's important that the theme is consistent with the room's decor and enhances its character. Additionally, color selection is crucial. The colors of the poster, including those from our store, should harmonize with the color palette in the room. You can opt for posters in a contrasting color to the wall background, adding emphasis and making them stand out against other decorative elements. However, it's essential to keep in mind that overly intense colors can overwhelm the space. A good solution is to choose posters in pastel or muted colors, adding a subtle accent to the interior.

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To ensure that the purchased posters not only look stylish but also stand out for their high quality, it's essential to check a few important aspects before making a purchase. Firstly, the print quality and the material on which the graphics are printed are crucial. Print quality is key to achieving beautiful and clear posters. In our online store, posters are printed on matte paper known for its high quality. As for the paper weight (grammage), it depends on the poster size on our site. Those in A3 and A4 formats are printed on 160g paper. All other available dimensions, as well as posters in individually selected sizes, have a weight of 180g.

A wide selection of wall posters online

Our poster store offers a rich assortment, including wall graphics for the interior of your home. Thanks to them, your space will become cozier and gain a character that expresses what resonates in your soul. Scandinavian posters fully embody a passion for minimalism and simplicity. On the other hand, wall posters from other collections allow you to showcase interests that no one knew about until now! Choose graphics that will perfectly fit the decor of your home and order posters for the living room or any other space. We offer posters in both standard sizes and less typical formats. All of this at an attractive price - it's too good to pass up!

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How to choose an online poster for your apartment?

A wall poster is a fashionable and stylish addition to the apartment. It allows you to create a cozy and elegant space. Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalist aesthetics, light colors, and functional solutions. A poster in this style is an excellent way to introduce a subtle accent into the interior, giving the room a unique character. In our online offer, you can find posters that fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style, and more. Depending on where it will be hung, the appropriate type of poster should be chosen. Particularly noteworthy are motivational posters with a specific message. In our poster store, you will find graphics for various rooms - for the living room, dining room, children's room, and even the bathroom. All this to make you feel cozy in your surroundings.

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Posters from our store are excellent additions to any space. Whether you want to hang them in a modern bathroom or a classically styled living room, well-chosen posters will present themselves uniquely. Posters from our online store will undoubtedly be a decoration for the room!