Montessori poster for children with a presentation of 16 dog breeds
Montessori poster for children with a presentation of 16 dog breeds

Montessori poster "Dog breeds"

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Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
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Have you ever felt like you would like to get to know better these amazing four-legged creatures who announce their devotion and love to us? Our Educational Poster "Dog Breeds" is your gateway to this fascinating world where you can explore the secrets of the 16 most popular dog breeds!

The benefits that this Montessori poster will provide you

Discover diversity: the poster presents 16 different dog breeds, from the iconic Chihuahua to the majestic German Shepherd. This is a chance for your child to explore the various characteristics and personalities of the dogs he may meet on a walk.

Inspire your child: This poster follows the philosophy of Maria Montessori, making it the perfect addition to learning spaces. Your child will not only discover the world of dogs, but also develop his or her interests and imagination.

Remember with ease: Each race is presented in colors that make it easier to remember. This will make learning a pleasure, and you and your child will remember each breed with ease.

Polish language: We are proud that our poster contains descriptions of dog breeds in Polish. This is a great opportunity for both you and your child to learn new words and develop their language skills.

Montessori posters for children are unique products that introduce new energy and positive emotions into your child's life.

The educational poster "Dog Breeds" is a fascinating journey through the world of dogs. Consistent with Maria Montessori's philosophy, it inspires and develops children's interests. Colorful presentations of breeds make it easier to remember. Enriched with descriptions of dog breeds in Polish. Don't delay! Discover the secrets of the dog world today and order our educational poster!

The price of the poster does not include the frame.

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