Discover 9 Basic Geometric Figures - Montessori Poster
Discover 9 Basic Geometric Figures - Montessori Poster
Discover 9 Basic Geometric Figures - Montessori Poster

Montessori poster "Geometric figures"

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Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
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Start an unforgettable journey through the world of geometric shapes with our Educational Poster for children. We present 9 basic geometric figures that will introduce your child to the exciting world of mathematics and logical thinking. Using methods inspired by Maria Montessori, our poster provides a wonderful learning experience that will stimulate your little one's creativity and imagination.

Enrich your child's education with a Montessori poster

Our educational board is designed to spark your child's interest and help them understand basic geometric figures. Each figure is clearly presented in attractive colors that will attract your child's attention and make it easier to remember. Thanks to this poster, your child will discover the fascinating world of mathematics in a pleasant and interactive way.

Discover the benefits of our educational poster

Early Development of Mathematical Skills : Thanks to clear and understandable pictures, children will quickly learn to recognize and name basic geometric figures, which is the basis for further mathematical development.

Creativity and Imagination : The poster encourages creative activities, allowing children to create their own drawings and compositions using geometric shapes.

Maria Montessori's method : Our poster was created in accordance with Maria Montessori's philosophy, which promotes independence and the child's natural interests, enabling more effective learning.

The Montessori method in children's education

The Montessori method is a unique way of education that delights and inspires both children and adults. It is a magical journey of discovering knowledge, conducted with love and respect, which develops the child's entire personality. Let me tell you about this unique approach in an emotional way.

In the Montessori method, learning is not a rigid process of filling in facts and information. It is not empty filling the child's mind with knowledge. It is participating in a fascinating dance of discovering, examining and understanding the world. Children are treated with respect and attention, following their natural curiosities and interests.

In this beautiful teaching method, children learn through action and exploration. They are surrounded by specially designed educational materials that develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills. The Montessori method emphasizes self-reliance and independence, which helps children build self-confidence and a strong foundation for learning.

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