Framed poster with passepartout. Yes or no?

Framed poster with passepartout At the beginning, it is worth adding a few words of explanation about what a passepartout is. The expression passepartout itself is of French origin and means a rigid frame, usually made of cardboard, placed inside the frame. In interiors decorated in Scandinavian and minimalist style, white passepartouts are most common. Poster frames available in our offer are standardly equipped with a passepartout.

First of all, the role of the passepartout is to increase the attractiveness of the presented poster or framed illustration. But is it really worth using this technique always? We will try to answer this question in a few sentences.

A poster framed with a passepartout will work in the Polish environment only in the case of a small poster or illustration. It is best for the poster to be no larger than A4 size. The reason is quite prosaic. Polish apartments are still compact and the rooms are relatively small. Please remember that the frame using the passepartout technique must be much larger than the framed poster. When we decide to frame a poster in a large format, we risk that our decoration, instead of beautifying it, will overwhelm our interior and we will still have the feeling that something is wrong. Choosing a poster in a maximum size of A4 will allow us to obtain a frame size that will certainly not steal the full attention of people admiring our home interiors.

However, if we decide to place a large poster on the wall in a small room, we should use a frame, but we should give up the passepartout.

However, if we are supporters of free space and live in a typical loft or tenement house, we do not have to worry about the passepartout frame, regardless of the size of our poster. It is in spacious interiors that posters larger than A4 have a chance to look dignified in frames with a passepartout. When we have a large space, a large frame with a passepartout in the middle will not attract attention intrusively, but will only become an interesting decoration.

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