Poster with a recipe for the drink "Caipirinha"
Poster with a recipe for the drink "Caipirinha"
Poster with a recipe for the drink "Caipirinha"
Poster with a recipe for the drink "Caipirinha"
Poster with a recipe for the drink "Caipirinha"

Poster with a recipe for the drink "Caipirinha"

The price is for a poster without a frame.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
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Caipirinha poster - refreshment in Brazilian rhythm

Introducing the Caipirinha drink recipe poster, which is a symbol of Brazilian joie de vivre and an integral part of any summer party. This graphic is an excellent choice for those looking for posters for the kitchen or posters for the dining room, which will bring an exotic mood and add character to the interior.

The poster depicts the classic Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha, known for its intense taste of fresh lime combined with the subtle sweetness of sugar and the strength of cachaça. The dominant green and white colors reflect the freshness and naturalness of the ingredients, and the overall composition encourages the preparation of this refreshing drink.

Recipe for Caipirinha

Preparing Caipirinha is simple and does not require specialized skills. Here is a recipe that will allow you to enjoy the taste of Brazil at home:


  • 60 ml cachaça 1
  • fresh lime 2
  • teaspoons sugar (preferably cane) Crushed
  • ice

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the lime into quarters and place in a glass.
  2. Add sugar and
  3. mash the
  4. ingredients to extract the lime juice and essential oils from the peel.
  5. Pour in the cachaça and fill the glass with crushed ice.
  6. Stir until the drink is properly chilled .
  7. Decorate the glass with a lime slice or a mint leaf .

This cocktail poster is not only a decoration, but also an inspiration to discover the culture of Brazil and its culinary traditions. It will be perfect as a poster for a bar or a poster for a club, attracting the attention of guests and encouraging them to celebrate life together.

Price is for the poster without frame.

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