Poster with recipe for drink "Negroni"
Poster with recipe for drink "Negroni"
Poster with recipe for drink "Negroni"
Poster with recipe for drink "Negroni"
Poster with recipe for drink "Negroni"

Poster with recipe for drink "Negroni"

The price is for a poster without a frame.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
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Negroni - an icon of Italian style

Introducing a poster that is the essence of the Italian lifestyle - Negroni. This poster is not only a sophisticated decoration, it is a recipe for a drink that combines the perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness and herbal notes. Our Negroni recipe poster is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates elegant posters for the kitchen and posters for the dining room.

The poster depicts the drink in intense red and orange tones, reflecting the color of Campari and sweet vermouth, which are the key ingredients of Negroni. This color combination is not only eye-catching, but also inspires you to create your own homemade cocktail. The Negroni cocktail poster is the perfect way to add a classic touch to your interior.

Recipe for Negroni - step by step

Preparing a Negroni is simple and fun. Start by placing ice in a glass, pour Campari, sweet vermouth and gin one by one (in a 1:1:1 ratio). Stir gently and garnish the drink with orange peel. The Negroni delights with its intense ruby color and balanced taste, in which the bitterness of Campari blends perfectly with the sweetness of vermouth and the characteristic hint of gin.

Our cocktail poster is more than a graphic, it's an invitation to a world full of flavors and aromas. It will be perfect as a poster for a bar or a poster for a club, where every guest will be able to admire its aesthetics and perhaps be inspired to create their own Negroni. By choosing our drink posters, you are investing in a design that catches the eye and becomes the center of attention.

The price is for the poster without a frame.

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