Are you not interested in geometric figures or sketches and drawings? If so, you may love photography posters! In this category, we have gathered all our posters based on graphics with photos especially for you. Here you will find plenty of decorative photographic posters presenting beautiful forests, fields and mountain landscapes.

Photo posters for everyone!

Photographic graphics are not only landscapes . Posters with photos can also depict various types of plants, such as the universally loved monstera or ficus. Such posters on the wall They will successfully replace real flowers in pots. Our assortment includes not only such photo posters. The Scandi Poster store also offers black and white photos of people and characters. These photographic wall graphics are perfect as posters for the living room . Posters with photography are also a great gift idea . Choose from over 250 photo posters - price depends on size. We offer small and large photo posters. Also check out other posters available in our store.

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