Poster with "Pina Colada" drink.
Poster with "Pina Colada" drink.
Poster with "Pina Colada" drink.
Poster with "Pina Colada" drink.
Poster with "Pina Colada" drink.

Poster with "Pina Colada" drink.

The price is for a poster without a frame.

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
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Poster "Pina Colada" - A tropical accent in your home

Discover the exotic taste and colors of the Caribbean with our "Pina Colada" drink recipe poster. This unique poster is not only a decoration, but also a recipe for one of the most recognizable cocktails in the world. It will be perfect as a decor element in the kitchen, dining room or even in a home bar.

The poster features an illustration of the classic Pina Colada drink, which delights with its creamy texture and sweet coconut-pineapple flavor. In the background, soft pastel colors emphasize the summer holiday mood it will bring to your interior.

Recipe for Pina Colada - a flavor that will transport you to the beach

Preparation of Pina Colada is simple, and the effect is.... delightful! You need 60 ml of coconut rum, 120 ml of pineapple juice, 30 ml of coconut cream and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice. Blend everything with ice in a blender, then pour into a glass and garnish with a piece of pineapple and an umbrella. Our cocktail poster contains all this information in a beautiful, graphic form.

The drink on the poster has an enticing milky white color with a hint of tropical pineapple. The taste of Pina Colada is the perfect combination of the sweetness of coconut with refreshing pineapple and the subtle bitterness of lime. It's a cocktail that brings back memories of sunny days and carefree moments spent on the beach.

Order our cocktail poster today and bring the atmosphere of a tropical vacation into your home. Let every day be like a holiday adventure with your favorite drink in hand. Discover other bar posters and club posters in our collection and create your own unique space.

Price is for the poster without frame.

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