What to frame the poster?

Posters hung with pins on a cork wall The question seems simple, but is often asked and causes trouble. It seems that there can only be two correct answers: a classic frame or an anti-frame. Nothing could be further from the truth! In addition to the classic ways of framing posters, we will show you other, interesting ways of presenting our home gallery!

But let's start with the basics.

Classic frame

However, this is the most common choice. A classic frame with or without passepartout is a choice that does not require us to adjust the walls or the interior to make the poster look perfect. You can read about whether to frame your poster with or without a passepartout frame in our tips or by clicking the link here:

Framed poster with passepartout. Yes or no?

White or black frames work best in Scandinavian-style interiors. But there's nothing stopping you from adding some color by choosing a colored frame! If our interiors are typically gray and white, frames in shades of rotten yellow, classic blue and turquoise will fit perfectly.

Because we love the classic Scandinavian style, we choose black and white. See what frames we offer by clicking the link here:

Poster frames at Scandi Poster


Posters in frames look perfect in industrial interiors with raw finishes. Plexiglass or classic glass, a few silver hooks and a framed poster! We don't have to worry that the attention of visitors to our gallery will be focused on the decorative frame.

Posters hung with skirt and trouser hangers Anti-frames also have the advantage that they are cheaper than frames and the choice of their sizes is huge. We can choose a frame that matches the size of the poster or choose a larger one - the poster will still look beautiful.

Moreover, the frames look great in the locker rooms of sports clubs or gyms. Especially posters with motivational inscriptions! You can find examples of motivational posters here:

Motivational posters at Scandi Poster

Wooden skirt/pants hanger

Sounds unbelievable? And yet, thanks to wooden hangers for skirts or trousers, we can achieve a truly original effect! Prepare several posters and a wooden hanger for each of them. Grab the ends of the poster with a hanger, drive a small nail into the wall and hang the poster. Posters may overlap. As simple as possible and the effect is timeless!

The poster is hung with pins or adhesive tape

Does a poster always need to be framed? Can't you just stick it on with adhesive tape or pin it in place?

If we only have such an opportunity, we can also stick the poster directly to the wall with adhesive tape. There are many types of tapes! From ordinary, classic transparent ones, to delicate ones for walls with a matte texture.

The tape is falling off? If we have a cork board at home, attach the poster to the board with pins. We can also go a step further and line the entire wall with cork! Both our posters and other handy notes will look great!

If you are looking for more original inspiration for framing posters, visit our Facebook fanpage . There we provide a lot of inspiration related to posters and wall decor.

Other tips

Framed poster with passepartout. Yes or no?