Set of 7 posters Naturally, that spaghetti

Set of 7 posters "Naturally, that spaghetti"


Set of perfectly matching 7 posters in 300mm x 400mm, A4 and 130mm x 180mm formats



Zamów plakat w indywidualnym rozmiarze!

Czas realizacji to tylko 1-2 dni robocze!

Podana cena dotyczy plakatu bez ramy, ale nic straconego!
Zapoznaj się z warunkami sprzedaży i kup ramę tutaj!

Przeczytaj na naszym blogu Gdzie kupić ramy do plakatów?

Scandi Poster

It's a waste of time to compose your home gallery! With our ready-made sets, you'll create an original decoration on your wall with up to 7 perfectly matched posters in no time.

Includes 3 300mm x 400mm posters, 2 A4 (210mm x 297mm) and 2 130mm x 180mm

Posters in 300mm x 400mm format

  1. Poster "I love spaghetti"
  2. Poster "Leaf"
  3. Poster "Dream"

Posters in A4 format (210mm x 297mm)

  1. Poster "Leaves in the vase"
  2. Poster "White flower"

Posters in 130mm x 180mm format

  1. Poster with acacia tree
  2. Poster "Dry Leaf"

Each of the posters presented in the set can be purchased separately. However, by purchasing the whole set you save as much as 15% and get free delivery!


The price applies to a set of 7 pieces of posters without frames.
It is not possible to change the poster formats and designs inside the set.

Return or exchange is only possible for the entire set.

A set of seven elegant posters with a grain of salt is the perfect decoration element for a unique, unusual interior. Images rich in plant motifs included with a photograph of a woman eating pasta. They are perfect both in the kitchen and outside.

Spaghetti accompanied by plants

The perfectly composed set contains seven decorative posters in different sizes. At the head is a picture with a photograph of a joyful woman eating pasta, another image is maintained in a minimalist version, and at the head of it is the inscription "Dream". The other posters refer to the plant design, depict plants in different views and shades, which perfectly match the rest of this decorative set.

Specific References

Name Shipping time Price
Kurier InPost - płatność z góry 1-3 days Free!
Kurier InPost - płatność za pobraniem 1-3 days zł25.00

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