Abstract poster Painted

Abstract poster "Painted"


Abstract poster to hang on the wall in a modern interior.



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Scandi Poster

The price applies to the frameless poster.

The poster doesn't have to be obvious at all. A sensational solution is to put in your apartment an abstract image that stimulates imaginations and prompts you to think about its message.

How many people, so many meanings

An abstract poster has no concrete and only legitimate meaning. Although the artist created it with some kind of plan, it does not have to coincide with the emotions that the image evokes in observers. Everyone can receive it differently because of the prism of their own experiences and beliefs. This makes it so attractive. The "Painted Paint" poster is a perfect example of this. It evokes different associations, so it can please completely different people. It's an image that's worth hanging in a prominent place so that everyone can be inspired by it. The black and white colors of the poster make it perfectly fit into the rooms in any style.

Data sheet

Black and white
black and white

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Kurier InPost - płatność z góry 1-3 days Free!
Kurier InPost - płatność za pobraniem 1-3 days Free!
In Post - Paczkomaty 24h - płatność z góry 1-3 days Free!
InPost Paczkomaty 24h - płatność za pobraniem 1-3 days Free!
Kurier płatność z góry - wybierz jeśli kupiłeś ramy 7-14 business days Free!

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